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The Tanks

September 12th, 2012

Finally visited The Tanks at the Tate Modern this weekend. ‘Light Music’, an installation by Lis Rhodes, really caught my imagination. Difficult to describe, The Tate explains it as a piece of work that: “experiments with celluloid and sound to push the formal, spatial and performative boundaries of cinema… it creates a more central and participatory role for the viewer within a dynamic, immersive environment.”

The repetitive thrumming sounds, varying in pitch and constant moving shadows made me feel quite surreal! A brilliant installation worth experiencing.

Lis Rhodes - Light Music

Latest work: The Horn music venue

September 4th, 2012

I’m really pleased to see my latest freelance project go live; a website for The Horn, a local live music venue.

Many months ago, The Horn sent out a heartfelt email to their followers. Recent times have not been easy for local pubs and venues and The Horn was struggling. Being a live music lover and regular at the Horn, I dropped the guys an email to see if there was anything I could help with on the online side to get more punters and publicity.

What started as the odd visit after work, giving some advice about Mailchimp or social media, turned into a fantastic opportunity to redesign the venue’s website, alongside Music Glue who then took my designs and built the fully functioning CMS website.


Website design for The Horn St Albans

Tate Modern in the dark…

August 24th, 2012

Tate Blackout Sessions
(Bottom images courtesy of Natalee Hazelwood).

I recently attended ‘The Blackout Sessions’ event at the Tate Modern which was a quirky little experience. On arrival at the Tate Modern, after normal opening hours, guests were asked to purchase a ‘Little Sun’ lamp designed by Olafur Eliasson. We were then left to explore the current exhibitions, by torch light, giving the exhibits a whole new perspective. I loved how the lamp cast vast shadows and made some of the sculptures look quite sinister, where as shining the light on paintings and other exhibits brought out all kinds of textures and details that you might not see normally.

Forgotten palaces

August 2nd, 2012

We’ve all seen our fill of ‘urban decay’ photography on the web I’m sure. Mostly dark and creepy shots of run down mental hospitals, theme parks and offices and such like…

Having been an avid fan of urban exploration blogs and the odd derelict building adventure (as long as it was safe-ish!) about five years ago, I have since fallen out of love with photography of abandoned buildings. Till today when I stumbled upon a recent body of work from Thomas Jorion named ‘Forgotten Palaces’.

These absorbing and sorrowful images of buildings that were once full of splendour, really inspired my imagination. Perhaps it is the stark contrast of what were opulent colours and grandeur with the creeping greyness of ruin. The buildings are vast and impressive in their own right but the added layer of decay really has impact.

Some very beautiful and haunting work.

View the full project at http://www.thomasjorion.com/

Read a review of the work http://www.i-ref.de/2012/08/01/forgotten-palaces (both links require Google Translation)

Leave your possessions and preconceptions behind

July 19th, 2012

Some time ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go to an event hosted by the Camden Roundhouse, called ‘You once said yes’ by Look Left Look Right. The event description read: “There are no spectators in this show, for this is your story and these characters know, and are expecting you. A cast of compelling characters and thrilling stories await anyone willing to utter the magic words Yes.” I was intrigued and immediately bought a ticket.

What followed has to be the most bizzare two hour experience I have ever been a part of. I was given a small day-glow yellow ruck sack with a large number 8 on the back and a rain mac and directed to simply exit the back of the Roundhouse via a gate…

What followed was a flow of characters, stories, conversations and some downright odd situations! I met a tramp who needed help (was he an actor or a real tramp? ) got a free ice cream, attended a piano lesson, was part of a failed internet date with an emotional lady in a fur coat, had my photo taken in Cyberdog wearing fancy dress, got involved in a robbery (and was made to wear a balaclava) and had tea and biscuits by the canal, to name a few moments.

At points, I was thinking ‘is the person I am talking to part of MY world, or the real normal world?’ I was in a small bubble, looking out at the people of Camden, going about their business, trying to pick out who was in on the game.

To cap it all, my final destination was a kebab shop, where in the back room sat a guy wearing Elton John style glasses behind an electric piano, singing a song dedicated to me and the mad events of my last two hours, whilst a cheap disco ball lit up the room. Unforgettable!

Don’t Think

February 9th, 2012

Last week I was dead excited to read on Twitter that there would be limited showings of the Chemical Brothers ‘Don’t Think’ film around the country. I’m a massive fan of the Chemical Brothers and love their impressive live show videos.

Definitely a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. Picture it. Your average Odeon cinema one evening in Camden. Massive trippy visuals, a crazy crowd, dancing, clapping, cheering. Poor cinema employees were still trying desperately to make people sit down and confiscate beer etc (Boo!). I have to say- in such a small space the visuals messed with my head somewhat- but in a good way! Fave track definitely was ‘Don’t Think’ can’t wait for it to be released. An amazing night.

Watch the official trailer >

Read the Marcus Lyall and Adam Smith interview on the Design Week site >

Satellite Creative website now live!

February 7th, 2012

Very pleased to announce that a project I have been working on for some time now has finally gone live. Check out the new improved portfolio site for Satellite Creative:

glugLDN – creative inspiration and booze

December 15th, 2011

First time attending a Glug event. Inpirational creative speakers, booze and a really nice crowd.

Arrived late and into the darkness of the main room in Fabric, which was packed out, showing a ‘future shorts’ french movie. Thank you to the kind person who tried to explain what was going on, to me. This was followed by a presentation by Ian Hambleton (curator of the Glug events and Studio Output bod). Some cool graphics/ augmented reality project but couldn’t see over peoples heads. Must check it out on-line later.

Next Mr Bingo told us about his recent ‘Hate Mail’ project.

Pretty awesome- shame he’s not sending any more. What a character!

Alex from Airside presented a poinant overview/farewell to Airside.

These guys where my heroes during my Graphic Design degree- sad they are closing their doors. They ended with the farewell video (below) and some freebie calendars thrown into the audience. (I ‘bagged’ an Airside bag- woop!)

Next up – Moving brands

took us through the new HP brand identity (the print company not the sauce). And a project involving printing chocolate in 3D. Yum!

Lastly Jason Tozer talked about a Diamonds

shoot he did recently. I like the fact that he didn’t want to shoot diamonds in a traditional way (boring!) and instead got some lovely graphic images from shooting them the wrong way up. Good philosophy to look at things from a different angle.

To end it all Anthony Burrill showcased the ‘Five Stages of Rave’

– very weird to be in Fabric, massive base vibrating the room, mesmerising graphics playing on a screen yet everyone on the dance floor is standing still and silent…

Fashion’s night out

September 9th, 2011

Last night, I took myself and my camera on an adventure to check out Vogue Fashion’s Night Out event in London. If you didn’t hear about it, VFNO is a one evening event where fashion outlets/ boutiques etc in central London offer all sorts of treats! Cocktails, DJ’s, freebies, new collections showcases and appearances from designers. Lots more photos to come, but here’s a quick montage:

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out